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tv   [untitled]    May 14, 2013 6:00am-6:31am PDT

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could protect it's decreases any participating in the process and it's technically not my position to address and if it's not calory we'll be observing the port and puc to make sure we're minimizing the attractiveness the city and i will be talking to the city attorneyors to make sure that the city assets will be fully protected by any unnatural activity that ruptures that facility. that we take every precaution to make sure our sewer assets are protected
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>> before we precede i'm closing public comment. >> supervisor. >> i wanted to ask a couple follow-up questions i want to know about the fact there wasn't the kind of communications you wanted to see but who at the puc was aware of the existence of this report? >> there were numerous people i can provided you with a list. >> so within puc management for instance. >> the assistant general manager would have been apprised of the report but the engineers working on it were aware of the
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report. >> do you discuss the report with other management at the puc? >> yes, we had a discussion about the report again, it's an internal report to help us how we should work with proposed construction projects that might be in close proximity to our - >> in that discussion that did you recall whether or not you were going to share that with planning? >> i don't recall. >> so you may have? >> i don't recall. >> the report was shared with planning until, you know, a later time. did you share with the report - yeah. even if did i share the
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report with anyone outside the puc? >> no, just the city attorney's office. >> okay. did you discuss the report with anyone outside the puc? besides the city attorney's office obviously >> you can read in the report the consultant was advising us to get additional information from the developer to continue their analysis. >> but no one else in the city families. >> just a few comments i want to thank all of you for coming
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here and our trades that came to make comments and as and as someone who's been a champion cludz the safety respond bond that i carried a few years ago g ago. and this is pleasurable or partially why i'm concerned we need to support underground water and sewer systems because we have series vulnerabilities. i am disrespected and i think that others are concerned about the fact that this project changed from; right when we all considered it last year to come
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within 3 and a half feet of the water main and i'm concerned for workers who will be in the proximity of those areas and during those construction could suffer from injuries. and this is to not necessarily view those as risks i have to stay if that is standard practice i'm highly concerned and i think it's important that city staff take this to heart and sharing those discussions with each to see how we can might those things.
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and i'm likely to call for a second round of this hearing is person who perpetrated the report is not here the puc engineer who appeared to have colleagues that told certain thing is not here. i'm interested in hearing about the teachers retirement fund do is to be drawn upon if there's any issues here. i do look forward to continue >> i'd like to call this to the call of the chair. >> motion approved people's 3 and i want to make final comments. this highlights the city's
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overall need even if preparing our cities sewer line. i was briefed to replace our city structure over a one hundred years old. with that any other items madam clerk? >> no other items. >> with that meeting is adjourned
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>> may 6, 2013, small business meeting, the time is 5:36 and the meeting is being called to record. item one is roll call. >> commissioner adams? here. commissioner white, when isinger dooley. >> dwight. >> o'brien. >> ortiz-cartagena. >> rilely? she had a prior commitment. i would like to ask the members of the public to silence or turn off all cell phones or portable device and we would like to take this opportunity
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to thank sfgov tv and the media to all media services for the continued support of our meetings. >> to move on to item number two, mr. president. >> yes. commissioners, you are now in item number two, presentation of the small business commission certificate of honor recognizing the city employee treasurer as part of the city employee recognition program, this is a discussion item. >> commissioners, director of the office of small business. and we have with us, richard simons, our tax and treasurers, and pauline marks from the tax and treasurer's office and it is great pleasure and some what sadness and pleasure to honor
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him for his service and 13 and a half years with the tax and treasurer's office and he has worked very closely with our office and our staff and when we opened the office of small business, provided training orientation, and for our staff, and for business services. and so, i am going to read this, on this monday, may 6th, 2013, the small business commission is honored to recognize richard simon to small businesss in san francisco. he will be retiring from the office of the tax and tres ses you arers after the career of serving businesses of san francisco for 13 and a half years. the success of a small business, assistance center would not have been possible for *f without the support and guidance of mr. simon, he is a great allie and a small business advocate and always goes above and beyond to help
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small business kliepts and he serves as an example of all employees on how to serve the small businesses and the commission commends as attitude. the commission is pleased to have an opportunity to honor you, mr. simon and this is you, and your retirement. thank you. >> thank you very much, very worked for the tax directary office for many years i am more accustomed to being yelled at than honored. and it is on my wall in kentucky because i am moving to kentucky thank you very much. thank you. >> we want to get a picture. >> oh, great. okay.
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>> with the commission's permission, we want to add our gratitude to the commission for this fine honor, that you are
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giving, retiring employee, richard simon. and as he said, the job that we do of collecting the taxes and fees for the city is an important job. and not obviously appreciated i don't think by the folks that we deal with, but it really is the partnership with the small business assistance center and other departments that allow us to be successful and i want to commend your work and the commission's work and all of the staff of the city departments to partner with us to make sure that everyone understands why it is that we are asking them to pay their fair share and how important it is to play a level playing feel here in san francisco and thank you for all of the good work that you are doing and recognizing similar today. thank you. >> next, item. >> commissioners, you are now at number three, presentation of a small business commission certificate of honor, recognizing the local small business, bi rite market as
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part of the sbc small business recognition program. this is a discussion item. >> all right. on this monday, may 6, 2013, the small business commission is honored to recognize sam logan and birite market to the contribution of vitality of san
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francisco and the missionaries. it has been a mission district institution since the 1940s and the commission commends and applauds the family's expansion of bi rite earlier this year, creating communities demonstrates the commitment to the communities and the organizations that the stores support and which by extension supports thousands of individuals throughout san francisco. love, passion and integrity are the values that drive bi rite and excited to support these principles, these are extended throughout all of the businesses, and to the customer service and employment practice and beyond, the commission recognizes as a san francisco base business and wishes them success for generation to come. congratulations [ applause ] you guys are sf members and thank you very much and bi rite
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from my last reading employs over 250 people here in san francisco and that is fantastic, in the spirit of job creation, thank you for that as well. [ applause ] thank you very much. and you know, as a native san francisco an, it is an honor to be here and having grown up in the city and have watched the city evolve and change, it is wonderful actually. being recognized for the work that we have done and you know my family has been on 18th street now for 50 years and i started working there in 74 as a tike and i have watched it evolve into a very important part of san francisco. and it would not be possible without all of the support that our community has given us in all of the tremendous work that our staff has put in and now the support of our city. and you guys make it possible, thank you. >> very much.
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>> thank you. >> thank you for that. thank you. >> hello? >> i just wanted to
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congratulate sam and bi-rite. and i am a native as well as san francisco, and i have been going through the store over 20 years and over on the corner of 18th and i have known for a long time and just so happy to see that it has been able to evolve to in the community and i want to do a special thanks
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to what the family has done and created. thank you. >> director? >> and i too want to congratulate you and thank you. and i have known sam my partner, irene and i celebrated several valentine days on the restaurant. and before, birite and so it has been wonderful to be part of your business experience and several different incarnations. so thank you for that. >> and i would like to add that your store is gorgeous and you guys did a great job. >> yes. >> next item, please? >> commissioners? item number four on general public comment? this allows members of the public to comment on matters in the commission purview and suggests new items and this is a discussion item. >> do we have any members of the public who wou like to
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make a comment on items that are not on today's agenda? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. next item threes? >> mmissionert item number five, presentation and discussion of putting youth to work, summer youth employment program by greg asay, office of economic and workforce development, this is a discuss item only. and i did put a hard copy of the presentation along in your binder. >> good evening, greg with the office of workforce development thanks to having me tonight, i have a short powerpoint presentation just to go over the summer jobs plus program that is in the second year here in san francisco. so, with that, let me start and i am going to go... and these slides, i think. and so, this last year as i mentioned it was a call to action, president obama last
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year to let the public and private sector to step up and create jobs for youth between the ages of 16 and 24, as you may know the unemployment rate for that age group is significantly higher, than it is for the public at large. so it is definitely a population that the president and then here locally it is the mayor and the city family are focusing on. so, with that challenge, from the president, mayor lee in turn, challenged the city departments and the private sector to step up and to create a summer jobs program here in san francisco. it truly is a partnership of both the city and the private sector as well. so, here, in the city, our office at the economic workforce development with the mayor's office and the department of children, youth and their family have taken the lead, but across the city family there has been the departments stepping up to provide opportunities as well.
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and then the private sector has been a great out pouring from the employers last year and this year, united way and the bay area is a key partner of ours in the non-profit sector as well. so, i just want to go over a couple of numbers, from last year, sethe stage for last year and last year, the mayor challenge us to have 5,000 opportunities for the youth and we are able to exceed that and there are work opportunities that were made available through the summer jobs plus program last year. the other data here if you are interested and i don't want to go into much in detail on it. but to say that it is available, and it shows kind of the spectrum of the folks who were served through the program. in terms of neighborhoods served, i think that one of the key, driving forces behind this is to try to reach out and make
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sure that the youth from neighborhoods that may be disadvantaged or may not have the connections and the networking are served so that you can see that some of the orhoods at the top of the list in terms of participants are bay view hunter point and then it goes from there. so that was last year and i am going to take us to this year. and 5,000 was good. and so the mayor challenged us all to go up another 1,000 this year and so our goal this year is to have 6,000 job opportunities for youth in san francisco, this summer. the other part in terms of plans, the city has had for a while through many city departments its own summer jobs program and so one thing that we are doing the cinema presentation and the details of how it is going is the mapping of the city opportunities so that we are well positioned going into the future and the
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handle on the top of opportunities that we can provide. the next few slides are a little bit inside baseball and it is for folks who are maybe participated or involved in the process, and so i will just go through them quickly and they might be an interest to the folks who were engaged last year. we have one year under our belt and so the goal is to take it to another level to increase our ability to serve efficiently and to that end there is a new on-line system and it is similar to the kind of systems that the hr departments used and it is a way that we are going to connect the youth with employers, using this on-line tracking system. and anyone who is interested, if you are youth or an employer, at the bottom there is a match and/summer and the program of the you united way of the bay area and a in this
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project. all right. so, just a couple of other items of note. this year unlike last year, we have worked on the community based organizations that can help, go into the community and recruit but also do some prescrning and want to make sure that the youth that are placed through this program are screened and are work ready and that is part of the role that we are asking of the community organizations those in the process have been contracted with right now who should very soon be public with those organization names. this is the bottom and inperson readiness screening. we really want to tighten the program and make sure that there is some screening that the folks or the youth that are referred truly are work ready so that the employers have a good experience. >> and employer engagement. the mayor, has stepped up just last week has the mayers and
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employer challenge, over at city hall and it was an event where the employers were asked to come and hear our appeal and step off and commit to employment opportunities or funding or also volunteering with the campaign, and i will talk more about that in a minute. and one thing that i do want to point out is that there are large employers who committed up to 40 or 50 jobs and employers who committed to a single job. and every job is important and that is how the programs go, and don't think that you too far small to participate if you can provide even one opportunity that is greatly appreciated. >> i am going to go to the next. slide. so, this saturday, it is a good timing and may 11th, there is a youth resource fair that is going to be mascone center and one thing that is encouraging is that the youth should register before going to the event and it is at that match
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bridge address and they will be screened for work readiness and get registered in the system. youth can go to the match bridge remember sight and sign up directly there but there is a priority to the youth who do one of the community based organizations or get prescreened so that we know that they are work ready and when they are referred by united way that they would know that the employer is getting someone who is he is tranged from that. >> just a kick call ought to anyone and is available, it is a fun event and there is a need for volunteers at the event to do things like mock interviews and screening of youth at the event. so there is definitely a need for that as well. the key, of course is the hiring and we are asking employers as much as possible to make themselves available or make the opportunities available. so my last slide here, really or faqs for employers and understanding that is who you are. and i am grateful to have the
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opportunity, again, this youth ages 16 to 24, in san francisco, are the potential employees, many do as i mentioned participate in job readiness programs. and which is the key to this. the types does not have to be a full time job and a permanent or a temporary summer job is great. part of the names of the summer jobs plus is that we are hoping to continue with this, beyond the summer time, and make it a year round program, this year as well. and it can be full or part time. so how to get involved, again, there is that website, and it is match and that is the website for either the youth who are interested in getting a job this summer or for employers that want to know how to connect and the employer section on the website so you can go ahead and connect there. and i should point out that on the public sector side, do you see why i am doing the heavy
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lifting in terms of creating the pathway for youth to connect with summer jobs through the city. this year, the 6,000 jobs, the goal is 4,000 through the public sector and 2,000 through the private sector. the conduit to the private is united bay, if you are private and the youth who want to get involved and then the match is the right one to go to. thank you for your time, if you have any questions i am happy to entertain them or any suggestions for the program and we are up and going and love to get any thoughts that you have as well. but, thank you. >> and commissioner comments? >> commissioner ortiz? >> i just have a question on what is the out reach for more of it. but we are seeing it in san francisco? such as why do you see the manager and out reach program stores them, the more youth that probably needs the jobs the most. >> as you can see from last year we prioritized that
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population as well and this year one of the keys of the doorway organization and so they are going to be community based organizations in communities that have been identified as the highest need and highest unemployment and poverty, and so that is the key con did you it is through them. and also there is the general population as well as, bus, ads that are going up in other literature, to go as well. but i do think that the key is going to be through the community based organizations and we have already had multiple meetings to let them know how to help us get folks involved. >> and then these are the deals that kind of screen and get them prepped. >> exactly. >> in the out reach in the office and the screening and the youth that are not ready, yet there are programs to help them get work ready, that is right. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> commissioner, white? >> i just want to add that i think that this is such a great program and i am from the city and actually my first job was through the city program. that helps me